Abbey Days of Reflection

Join us for our new series of 24-hour seminars. This four-part series, presented by Kathleen A. Cahalan, examines the many ways God calls us throughout our lives. Each seminar will explore a particular experience of vocation in our lives, inviting participants to share their stories and reflect on God’s Word together. Participants are welcome to attend all or some of the Days of Reflection; cost for each seminar is separate.


September 21-22: Who is the God that calls?

This session explores our experiences and stories of the ways in which we have been called by God. These encounters are shaped by our images of God. What images of God have shaped your experiences of being called by God?


November  9-10: To what does God call us?

This session explores two aspects of our vocations. First, is the general calling to the life of discipleship—our fundamental calling in baptism that we share with all Christians. Second are the particular callings of our life given our age and context—how God calls me as I am. How is God calling me as a disciple of Christ and as the person that I am?


February 1-2: Callings in experience of loss and suffering.

This session explores experiences of callings in suffering.  Some callings end—when God calls us from something, some place, or someone?  We will also examine our callings in situations not of our own choosing. How do we experience God’s callings in our suffering?


March 15-16: Callings are for and through others.

This session explores how our callings are for others—the work and service that God calls us to for the sake of the common good. God’s callings also happen through others. What are your callings for? Who have been agents of vocation in your life? How might you reach out to others and help them discern God’s callings in their life?


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