Advent Retreat

December 6-8, 2019      

Parables and the Reign of God - V

Presented by Abbot John KlassenO.S.B. 

The conferences will focus on Jesus’ use of parables (in either speech or action) to proclaim the reign of God. While we have heard most of these stories or accounts many times, there are ways to approach them that reveal fresh and provocative meanings. Above all, Jesus was calling people to a new vision of God, a new covenant, a new ethical vision. In the parables we are invited to make a choice and to come to a decision. We are urged to pay attention to what we are doing and face issues we prefer to ignore. The parables tell us that it is in the midst of the everyday—the regular, mundane business of our eating, drinking, sleeping, choosing, loving, forgiving, reaching out, journeying, answering doors, offering hospitality, sharing and listening to midnight stories—that our happiness and salvation are worked out. The story of our salvation lies inside the story of our everyday life.

Registration Information

The retreat begins with supper at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and concludes after lunch on Sunday. 

Cost: single room, $195; double room, $340 ($170 per person); suite (double), $380 ($190 per person); meals included.

To register for this retreat, contact the Spiritual Life Office at 320-363-3929, email us at, or register online.


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