The Faith Community Learning Resource is available to the professions and communities of faith across religious systems at their locations for on-site education initiatives shaped by those requesting assistance. Programs range from several hours to a number of days in talks, consultations, workshops, and retreats.

Content is tailored to the specific needs of the community or group. Fees are negotiable and based on the nature of the request and resources.

Roman Paur OSB is a Benedictine monk of Saint John's Abbey and a Catholic priest. He received his PhD from The Catholic University of America, Washington DC, in 1976. He is formerly the vice president of Student Affairs and was a member of the psychology department of Saint John's University, Collegeville. Roman is the founding executive director of ISTI and editor of the quarterly, The ISTI Sun. He speaks and consults on issues of professional ethics, pastoral leadership and ministerial training; power and accountability; and human development and relational integrity.

Sample talks, workshops, and retreat themes:

1. Ethics across professions: expectations and issues
2. Team building: communication, support, accountability
3. Leadership: respect, respect, respect
4. Pastoral personnel policy development and updating
5. The ( religious) culture of entitlement
6. Healthy faith and healthy communities
7. Sexual ethics in pastoral ministry
8. Befriending our emotions: anger and affection
9. Pastoral response team training: identity and role
10. Intervention, treatment, aftercare, and work
11. Reducing risk: a community-wide challenge
12. Advocacy training: listening, support, referral
13. Power, boundaries, and relational integrity
14. Marriage and family: growing together
15. Leadership transitions: opportunities and crises
16. Sexual and spiritual development
17. The choice of celibacy: prayer, community, and service
18. Cybersex in the workplace and at home: the vulnerable
19. Values, attitudes, and behavioral standards
20. Listening and communication skills

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