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Funeral Arrangements for Fr. Eugene McGlothlin, OSB

Father Eugene McGlothlin died, age 85, in the Saint Raphael Hall retirement center at Saint John's Abbey on Saturday, February 3, 2018. FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS: Reception of the Body in the baptistry of the abbey church on Wednesday, February 7, at 7:00 p.m., followed by Vigil of Monastic Burial prayer service. Mass of Christian Burial in the abbey church on Thursday, February 8, at 3:00 p.m., followed by burial in the abbey cemetery. May Father Eugene rest in peace!


Minnesota Monk Columba Stewart Rescues Ancient Manuscripts from Modern Threats

As extremists destroy ancient churches and cultural sites across the Middle East, a Minnesota monk has emerged as a global defender of the sacred documents often hidden inside. The Rev. Columba Stewart offers a safety net to religious leaders across the globe who are struggling frantically to safeguard their heritage, often hiding their fragile, yellowed books behind secret walls of churches, monasteries and family homes. Against the odds, Stewart’s team brings digital photography stations to these fragile lands. The photos of manuscripts taken by local crews are sent electronically 6,000 miles away — to the safety of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, where they are permanently preserved for the world to see.

Read the Full Story at StarTribune.com

Saving History from ISIS Destruction

Benedictine monk preserves historic sacred and secular texts from the destruction of ISIS and the war against it in Iraq. His tools are different and the task is sometimes dangerous, but Fr. Columba Stewart's mission saving historic texts from the destruction of ISIS and the war against it follows a tradition practiced by his Benedictine order for more than a thousand years. Lesley Stahl accompanies Fr. Columba on his modern-day mission in a Middle East war zone for a 60 Minutes report to be broadcast Sunday, Dec. 24 at 7:00 p.m., ET/PT.

Watch the Video Preview at CSBnews.com

From Here to Timbuktu: A globe-trotting monk with the Benedictine “survival gene” seeks out treasured manuscripts

How Father Columba Stewart ’79, a Benedictine monk from Minnesota, came to be hiding in a Timbuktu hotel during a jihadist attack last summer is a story that begins in the fifth century. But the short answer is: he had flown to the medieval center of learning (and site of a United Nations peacekeeping mission since 2013), to start a new archival project—digitizing tens of thousands of documents in the Imam Ben Essayouti Library. The collection holds “everything from commentaries on the Qur’an to letters, scraps of poetry, land deeds, just the whole written culture,” says Stewart, executive director of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) at Saint John’s University, about 80 miles northwest of the Twin Cities.

Read the Full Story at HarvardMagazine.com

The Saint John’s Bible: Home at Last

Last Thursday was a very special day at Saint John’s, because on that day we dedicated the gallery that now houses The Saint John’s Bible. The day was singular for many reasons, and not least because it fulfilled calligrapher Donald Jackson’s promise to “give us exactly what we asked for and more than we ever imagined.” He delivered on both counts, though some of the deliverables were not entirely what we had expected. or one thing, we didn’t have a clue how complicated this project would become. It was also a good thing that we didn’t know how much it would end up costing. And last but not least, it took a lot longer than the seven years we had all anticipated. But the good news is that — twenty-one years and eleven months after Donald Jackson and I first discussed this — the Bible that he promised now sits securely in its own gallery at Saint John’s University.

Read the Full Story at MonksChronicle.wordpress.com

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Becoming a Monk

For over 1,500 years, Benedictine monks around the world have followed the teachings of Jesus Christ by choosing to live together under the Rule of Saint Benedict. The monks of Saint John's Abbey follow in the footsteps of this ancient tradition, and invite you to explore our communal life in Christ.



Live Streaming Mass

"It is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, ‘the work of our redemption is accomplished’, and it is through the liturgy, especially, that the faithful are enabled to express in their lives and manifest to others the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church."

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Oblates of Saint John's

An oblate is a Christian who seeks God though a formal relationship with a particular monastic community. Oblates are men or women, lay or ordained, married or single, who seek to integrate the spirit of Saint Benedict in their daily lives.

Oblate Community & Resources


Abbey Volunteering

GARDENING PARTNER: The Abbey gardens are both beautiful and productive. Assist the monks in seasonal vegetable planting and harvesting, or work campus-wide to plant and care for the flowers that help make Saint John's so beautiful.

Volunteer Opportunities

Abbey Volunteering

OFFICE ASSISTANT: The Oblate office, Development office, Cemetery office, and others need volunteers to help keep the Abbey running smoothly, and meeting the ministerial needs of those whom it serves.

Volunteer Opportunities

Abbey Volunteering

PHOTOGRAPHER: Nearly every office and department at Saint John's can use and well appreciate new pictures of the Abbey grounds, buildings, events, and people. Whether you are an expert photographer, or simply enjoy walking the grounds, your shot may be perfect.



Giving & Support

Your gift to our Annual Fund helps ensure a continuation of our abbey’s tradition of service and ministry to the church, a tradition that stretches back to 1856. We invite you to collaborate with us in our important work. Keep our abbey in your prayers, pray for vocations, and consider contributing. Be assured, you will be in our prayers as well.

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Giving & Support

ORGAN RENOVATION AND COMPLETION: After fifty years of use, the Abbey Church organ is in need of renovation, and finally due for completion. Your donation will support the liturgical and devotional needs of Saint John's, as well as liturgical and concert needs of the University’s undergraduate and graduate level liturgical music programs.

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Giving & Support

VOCATIONS: encouraging monastic vocations is vital to the future of Saint John’s and ensures an ongoing Benedictine presence in the apostolates of the abbey. Your contribution to the abbey’s Annual Fund supports the Vocation Program.

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Daily Reflection

Fr. Don Talafous, OSB, a monk of Saint John’s Abbey was born in Duluth, MN. He is a former university chaplain and theology professor of Saint John’s University. Among his many talents is the ability to recall the names of hundreds, if not thousands, of alumni when they greet him on campus, in the Minneapolis Skyway, or in some foreign land.

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Liturgy Q&A

This question-and-answer column has appeared in the Visitor, the newspaper of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, since 2009. Rev. Michael Kwatera, O.S.B., monk of Saint John’s Abbey, holds a Ph.D. in theology from the University of Notre Dame. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in liturgy, served as pastor in local parishes, and authored numerous articles and several prayer books.

Liturgy Q&A


The Benedictine Volunteer Corps.

The Benedictine Volunteer Corps of Saint John’s Abbey, exists to provide a year of volunteer service for graduates of Saint John’s University (Minnesota) at a monastery of the worldwide Benedictine confederation and to support the work, prayer and life of Benedictine monasteries around the world.

The Benedictine Volunteer Corps.


Saint John's Abbey Guesthouse

The Benedictine monks of Saint John's Abbey welcome guests of all faiths to experience the abiding presence of God with a praying community.

Saint John's Abbey Guesthouse

Abbey Camera

Watch a live feed of the Saint John's Abbey Church

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In the Benedictine tradition of stability of place and reverence of persons, Saint John’s Alumni and Friends Cemetery provides those who feel a connection to Saint John’s with an option for a final resting place – a place that is meaningful and tranquil, in the midst of the woods and lakes of Saint John’s.

Saint John's Abbey Cemetery