Holtkamp Organ Renovation

organ_4.jpgThe Abbey Church is an architectural wonder, a holy place, a place of daily prayer, the center of campus worship, and the uniquely recognized symbol of Saint John's.

After over fifty years of use, the abbey church's famous Holtkamp pipe organ is in need of both renovation and completion. Saint John's is the leading Catholic producer of trained organists in the Midwest. Completing the organ will greatly enhance both the liturgical function of the church and further improve the quality of its liturgical organist program.

Saint John's Abbey and University wish to preserve the unique beauty of the present instrument, yet sees a real need for a larger instrument for concerts and large liturgies; an instrument completed in the manner that the organ builder originally intended.

A new division of pipes would allow for the full volume of sound suited to the very large volume of the church. We invite friends of Saint John's who are lovers of music to contribute to a fund to undertake this addition to the abbey church's Holtkamp organ.


            Visit the Abbey's Holtkamp Organ page to learn more