Fr. Michael's Liturgy Q&A

This question-and-answer column has appeared in The Visitor, the newspaper of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, since January, 2009. While I no longer teach courses in liturgy, this column invites me to share my reflections with a classroom as wide as the readership of this newspaper. I am grateful for this opportunity to write about what I have learned as a teacher and student of the liturgical "craft."

Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB 



  • 23 Oct

    What gestures are appropriate during the sign of peace?

    Q. For the sign of peace at Mass I think many people would prefer a simple bow to a handshake (less germ transmission). What do you think?

  • 25 Sep

    Angels always point us to the One who is greater

    Angels remind us that the entire universe is shot through with God’s presence and activity

  • 28 Aug

    Parish festivals make all of the parishioners ‘liturgists’

    Every parish bazaar and every liturgical celebration are wondrous illustrations of what happens when many people work together generously for the common good

  • 31 Jul

    Summer readings from John’s Gospel offer miniseries on Eucharist

    Q. I’ve noticed that we have Gospel readings from John on five Sundays this summer. I thought that we were in the Year of Mark. Why the Gospels from John?

  • 3 Jul

    Should we go to Mass on the 4th of July?

    Q. July 4 is our most important civil holiday, but I think we would do well to mark our Independence Day by going to Mass before going on a picnic or going water-skiing. Do you agree?

  • 5 Jun

    What is the best way to receive Communion?

    Q. I’ve seen some traffic on the Internet again about the best way to receive Communion: whether it’s OK to kneel if no one else in the Communion line is; if it’s OK for your parish priest to put back in a Communion rail; whether you should receive in the hand when you’re holding a child. I don’t know if it’s best to receive Communion in a certain way, or if it’s best to follow what everyone else in the parish is doing. Can you give your thoughts on this?