Fr. Michael's Liturgy Q&A

This question-and-answer column has appeared in The Visitor, the newspaper of the Diocese of Saint Cloud, since January, 2009. While I no longer teach courses in liturgy, this column invites me to share my reflections with a classroom as wide as the readership of this newspaper. I am grateful for this opportunity to write about what I have learned as a teacher and student of the liturgical "craft."

Fr. Michael Kwatera, OSB 



  • 31 Jul

    Summer readings from John’s Gospel offer miniseries on Eucharist

    Q. I’ve noticed that we have Gospel readings from John on five Sundays this summer. I thought that we were in the Year of Mark. Why the Gospels from John?

  • 3 Jul

    Should we go to Mass on the 4th of July?

    Q. July 4 is our most important civil holiday, but I think we would do well to mark our Independence Day by going to Mass before going on a picnic or going water-skiing. Do you agree?

  • 5 Jun

    What is the best way to receive Communion?

    Q. I’ve seen some traffic on the Internet again about the best way to receive Communion: whether it’s OK to kneel if no one else in the Communion line is; if it’s OK for your parish priest to put back in a Communion rail; whether you should receive in the hand when you’re holding a child. I don’t know if it’s best to receive Communion in a certain way, or if it’s best to follow what everyone else in the parish is doing. Can you give your thoughts on this?

  • 8 May

    Pray with us during the Year of Consecrated Life

    Q. I know that you are a member of St. John’s Abbey. During this Year of Consecrated Life, I was wondering how you see the role of liturgy in your own life and in your religious community.

  • 10 Apr

    Leaving our Lenten ark, we come to shore of God’s love, mercy

    Maybe we had to work hard this Lent, but for an excellent purpose: Through our prayer, fasting and works of charity, we tried to learn to be God’s people once more

  • 13 Mar

    Should we experience Lent as a joyful season?

    Q. When I was a child, Lent was focused on the suffering and death of Jesus — not very joyful. Now we hear that Lent is meant to be a joyful season. Really?