Abbey Health & Retirement

Abbey Health Care

6.jpgSaint John’s Abbey has always had a designated area to care for the elderly and infirm of the community.  In earlier years this space was housed in Saint Gregory Hall and then in the first floor of the Quad where the Health Partner’s Clinic is currently housed.  It was moved to the second floor of the Quad in 1976 when the first lay person began as an employee. The Retirement Center has expanded over the years to include 24 resident rooms, 2 outpatient rooms, nursing space, resident meal and recreation space, and a chapel. Abbey health care involves two separate programs, Abbey Health Care and the Abbey Retirement Center.

The Abbey Health Care Program involves the care of all the Abbey members. This program provides basic first aid, referral, health care coordination, and an up-to-date health record within the monastery.  The goals of this program are to reduce unnecessary health care costs and obtain some basic health information in the event of an emergency.  This program also involves community, group and individual health education.


Retirement Center

1.jpgCare provided in the Retirement Center is very similar to a long-term care facility, with some unique exceptions. We provide extremely focused care, 24-hours-a-day, with the residents' needs in the forefront. Meals, daily activities, health care decisions, and even medications are worked around an individual's preferences, needs, and schedule. Care is taken to insure privacy and solitude of monastic life. Continuation of the monastery routine is also practiced by enabling the resident to continue prayer with the larger community as able, with a modified prayer and mass schedule offered to those who physically cannot attend the larger services. A chaplain is available for visits and spiritual needs, and other monastery members visit the Retirement Center to provide activities such as bingo, movies, and devotions.