Collection Development Policy

The Saint John's Abbey Archives, founded in 1871, is the depository for all official papers (e.g., abbatial papers; Chapter, Senior Council, and committee minutes; legal and ecclesiastical documents; financial records; correspondence; notices; reports; agenda; and publications). The archivist seeks to document the life and history of the abbey and its apostolates by maintaining annals and chronicles and by collecting all materials relating to the institution.

Priority is given to those records that reflect the activities of the abbey's officials, those committees that formulate or approve abbey policies, and the monks' involvement in these activities. The documents may include manuscript histories, letters, diaries, journals, publications, notes, sermons, clippings, photographs, slides, tapes, films, maps, plats, graphics, oral histories, liturgical and spiritual materials, and memorabilia. Documentation spans the period from 1846 to the present.


Acquisitions Priorities

1) Abbots' Papers
Correspondence, conferences, personal papers, subject files, and documents of the monks as collected by the abbot.

2) Architecture
Building plans, blueprints and specifications, sketches and models.

3) Chapter and Community Affairs
Chapter minutes, elections of abbots, chronicles, annals and libri animarum, necrologies, Senior Council business, refection, and liturgical and spiritual life.

4) Diocesan Apostolates
Document relationships with various ecclesiastical jurisdictions where monks have served in parishes and chaplaincies.

5) Documents, Legal, Financial and Ecclesiastical
Minutes, contracts, personal documents, financial records and reports, historical records, ledgers and financial books, Acta et Decreta, Ordos and Statutes, parish records, Indian records, Liturgical Press, and oblates.

6) Foreign Missions
Documents St. John' missionary activity in the Bahama Islands, Japan, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

7) Formation
Monastic formation-related correspondence, conferences, records, documents, and minutes.

8) Historical Records
Annals, charters, chronicles, and manuscript histories.

9) Indian Missions
Documents activity in Indian Missions, including memoirs, manuscript histories, reports, printed materials, and school registers.

10) Media
Collections of audio-tapes, photographs, slides, motion pictures, and videotapes, relating to the history of Saint John's Abbey.

11) Monks' Papers
About or by individual monks of Saint John's Abbey including biographies, chronologies, correspondence, sermons, diaries, memoirs, notes, and publications.

12) Oblates
Correspondence, collections of final oblations and publications.