Becoming an Oblate

Typically, to become an oblate you:


Step 1. Sense that you are drawn by God
Prompted by the Spirit, you desire a stronger relationship with God and seek out a path which will enable this to happen.


Step 2. Walk a monastic path
The monastic manner of life involves a personal transformation of characteristic ways of behaving, including even the manner of speaking, listening, acting and reacting. It is a path that involves a movement from noise to silence, from speech to listening, from pride to humility.

Step 3. Find a monastery
A very important part of being an oblate is association with a particular monastery. The Rule of St. Benedict is very practical, for it is always lived in a particular tradition, location, and community. You may meet with the Oblate Director to help you decide if you should become an oblate.

Step 4. Participate in the oblate candidate ceremony
Deciding that you want to be an oblate, you participate in an initial brief ceremony and become an oblate candidate. During the ceremony, you receive a blessed medal of St. Benedict along with the Rule of St. Benedict, and you commit yourself to the oblate life.

Step 5. Continue in a year or more of formationChase7.jpg
During the next year or more, you continue to be formed in the practices of living a life inspired by the Rule of St. Benedict, i.e., praying the Divine Office, attending the monthly oblate meetings as you are able, participating in one or more oblate retreats, and studying Benedictine spirituality.

Step 6. Participate in the final oblation ceremony
In a brief ceremony similar to the candidate ceremony, you make a final oblation (promise) to serve God and be guided by the Rule of St. Benedict. You sign the final oblation form as a witness to your promise. 

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