• 31 Dec

    St. Cloud Times Article Features Saint John's Alum and Faculty Member Robert Bell

    Robert Bell of St. Cloud was born in Florida and went to Saint John’s University in Collegeville where he became a quadriplegic in an accident; he met his goal of returning later to graduate and teach.

  • 31 Dec

    "Refuge in Crestone: A Sanctuary for Interreligious Dialogue" by Br. Aaron Raverty, OSB

    "Refuge in Crestone: A Sanctuary for Interreligious Dialogue" by Br. Aaron Raverty, OSB is now available in the SJU Bookstore. In this new book Raverty blends systematic theology and in-depth ethnographic research at the New Age spiritual center in Crestone, CO to show how the practice of interreligious dialogue could be better served by using theology and anthropology. Raverty is a Benedictine monk and has a PhD in sociocultural anthropology. Congratulations, Br. Aaron, on your new publication!

  • 31 Dec

    Saint John's Removes Coal Furnaces

    Drive past the Saint John's Abbey and University Power House, and you'll notice something is missing that had been a staple at the site for many years. A big pile of coal is gone. Saint John's is no longer burning coal to produce heat for the campus. It's a move that was discussed for some time, but became a reality in December 2013. Two coal boilers and a third boiler that burned natural gas were decommissioned, removed and recycled. That leaves two boilers that burn natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil. Those two boilers are enough to currently meet the present heating demands on campus, although planning for a new steam boiler fired by natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil boiler is underway, with an anticipated completion date in 2016.

  • 31 Dec

    Two Men begin their Novitiate Year at Saint John's Abbey

    After completing 3 months of Candidacy at Saint John's Abbey the monastic community accepted two new novices who were presented with the habit of our Holy Father Saint Benedict by Abbot John Klassen, OSB, at morning prayer on July 8.

  • 30 Jun

    Youth in Theology and Ministry Concludes 15th Annual Summer Session

    The Youth in Theology and Ministry program, sponsored by the School of Theology - Seminary of Saint John's University brings together high school youth, their adult mentors, and students at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University to build a community of disciples working together to build the Reign of God. The Summer Institute engages high school youth in college-level theological study, service, justice, prayer, and vocational discernment as they explore their faith and integrate it into their everyday experiences.

  • 2 Jul

    National Catholic Youth Choir Celebrates its 15th Year at Saint John's

    The National Catholic Youth Choir (NCYC) was founded by Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB in 1999 under the motto “spreading the Catholic faith through great music.” Every year since, around thirty-five high school students from across the United States attend the two week summer program at Saint John’s. Not surprisingly, the majority of the day is devoted to choir rehearsal under the direction of Dr. Axel Theimer, professor of music at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University and the conductor of the NCYC, as well as classes in music theory and history. Yet, as Fr. Anthony describes, “NCYC is a choir program and a music program, but it’s much more than that – it’s a life-changing spiritual experience for young people who experience the beauty of living in community and using voices to praise God together.”