by Magnus J. Wenninger


[Spherical Models by Magnus Wenninger]Well known through the work of Buckminster Fuller, models of spherical polyhedrons excite the imaginations not only of mathematicians, architects and engineers but also of artists and designers. This book, concerned with polyhedrons, sphere tilings, and dome structures, offers a well-illustrated, practical approach to creating a host of beautiful and interesting models, including star-faced spherical forms that can serve as basic structures for geodesic domes.

Employing only the most elementary mathematical principles, the text initially provides complete instructions for making spherical models from five regular solids, using only circular bands of paper, a ruler and a compass. Also discussed is tessellation, or tiling, on a sphere and how to make spherical models of all the semi regular solids. The volume concludes with a discussion of the relationship of polyhedrons to geodesic domes and directions for building models of the domes.

Abundantly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and computer graphics of attractive geometrical models, this volume will appeal to a wide range of readers—from students and teachers of mathematics, art, design, architecture and engineering, to recreational mathematics enthusiasts and builders of geodesic domes.


Unabridged Dover (1999) republication of the work published by Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England, 1979. Foreword, Introduction. Epilogue. References. List of Models. New Appendix. 176 pages. 8½ x 11. Paperbound.