The Saint John's Abbey Benedictine Volunteer Corps

Founded in 2003, the abbey’s Benedictine Volunteer Corps offers recent Saint John’s University graduates an opportunity to serve in work assignments for nine to twelve months, often in a developing country, while living in a Benedictine monastery.



The young men share the Benedictine spiritual values they learned at Saint John’s as they perform a variety of community services in collaboration with monks living in cities or the countryside. The work they do is varied, sorely needed, and certainly appreciated. The presence of these volunteers is also a gift to the monks in these distant communities, for they enrich each monastic community with youthful energy and fresh insights in a common search for God.

BVC_Newark_2009_Will_Gilbert_Pat_Hayes_Jake_Barnes_114.JPGVolunteers have served in Tanzania, Guatemala, Chile, the Holy Land, Puerto Rico, Italy, Kenya and Togo, as well as in inner-city high schools in Newark, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois. These Benedictine volunteers are a direct link putting your generous contributions to work in assisting some of God’s poor and improving their lives. For each volunteer, Saint John’s Abbey provides the program costs, including training and preparation, travel expense, stipend, and health care. Your support to the abbey’s Annual Fund can ensure the future success of this vital venture.


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