Over one hundred and forty monks call Saint John’s Abbey “home.” The majority live in the monastery residence behind the abbey church. Monk faculty members, administrators, and staff, along with monastic guests, student monks, and retired monks, reside here.

Major repair and replacement work on the monastery’s original plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and air-handling systems are long overdue. A new elevator is required to replace the original almost non-operational one. Greater energy-efficient windows would reduce energy costs and demonstrate a greater regard for the environment. Updated and additional bathroom facilities would allow elderly monks to stay longer in their regular monastic rooms before needing to move to the care center in Saint Raphael Hall.

Just as the current structure has served the monastery well for the past sixty years, these improvements will lay out a course that will serve it well for the next half-century or more, equipping the abbey to better serve its students, alumni, guests, and public from a more energy-efficient and cost-effective structure.



Coming to know the monks of Saint John’s Abbey has brought me numerous gifts, among them: deep friendships, an appreciation of the Benedictine way of life, profound gratitude for the creation of The Saint John’s Bible, a new awareness and love of Scripture. ... I have been enriched by the example of their lives and by all that the abbey has to offer. Knowing Saint John’s has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Mary Rudden
San Francisco, California








LNDSTEW1.pngThe abbey is deeply committed to the care for God’s creation and the practice of environmental stewardship and sustainable living. The abbey seeks funding and support for the ongoing care of its lands, including the reforestation of the hardwoods and maintenance of trails and emergency roads in the woods and wetlands.

In the fall of 2009, the abbey installed the largest solar farm in the Midwest at that time. The solar array provides 10 percent of Saint John’s energy needs. In 2013 the campus eliminated the burning of coal, relying now solely on gas and solar. In addition, the abbey seeks support for environmental initiatives that will further reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint. The FORWARD EVER FORWARD campaign will help assure future generations of a cleaner environment, sustainable forest and pristine lakes, all toward an ever higher regard for God’s gift of creation.



The monks of Saint John’s guided, nurtured, and transformed seven generations of humanity in Minnesota and around the world. They were there for us when we needed them. Now it’s our turn to be there for them when they need us.

Dan Whalen (SJU ‘70)
Oakland, California








ORGREN.pngThe Abbey Church is an architectural wonder, a holy place, a place of daily prayer, the center of campus worship, and the uniquely recognized symbol of Saint John’s.

After over fifty years of use, its famous Holtkamp pipe organ is in need of both renovation and completion. Saint John’s University is the largest producer of trained organists in the Midwest. Completing the organ will greatly enhance both the liturgical function of the church and further improve the quality of its liturgical organist program.

The abbey wishes to preserve the unique beauty of the present organ, yet sees a real need for a larger instrument for concerts and large liturgies, completed in the manner that the organ builder originally intended.

We invite friends of Saint John’s who are lovers of music to contribute to a fund to undertake this addition to the famous Holtkamp pipe organ.



For over 150 years, the monks have supported the faithful with their prayers and good works, inspiring us by their faith, their devotion, and their quest for knowledge and search for God. It is our privilege to support them now in their need.

George and Gloria Allen
Woodbury, Minnesota