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Liturgical Press is a Catholic publishing house known throughout the world for popular and scholarly publications in liturgy, Scripture, theology, and spirituality. The Press was founded iIMAG0372-1.jpgn 1926 by Virgil Michel, a monk of Saint John's Abbey, to help bring the ideas and ideals of the liturgical movement to the United States. From modest beginnings with a few booklets and the journal Worship, this thriving apostolate now publishes more than 100 books and e-books each year, as well as periodicals, blogs, study programs, and works drawn from The Saint John's Bible. About fifty staff including both laypeople and monks conducts the work of the Press from a single building on the campus of Saint John's Abbey and University, in Collegeville, Minnesota.

The mission of Liturgical Press is to publish the Good News of Jesus Christ through various media to deepen the faith and knowledge of a richly diverse church. The work of the Press reflects the Benedictine emphasis on hospitality, and the deep commitment of Saint John's Abbey to teaching, learning, and fostering good liturgy.

From the earliest years to the present, Liturgical Press has published important works for personal spiritual practice. Notable in this regard for monastics and oblates was the Short Breviary, published in several editions beginning in 1941. The equivalent volume today is Benedictine Daily Prayer. And the recent introduction of the monthly periodical Give Us This Day, invites a wide audience of lay, ordained, and religious to a daily prayer practice that draws on liturgy, Scripture, the lives of holy people, and reflections from voices all across the Church.

Approaching 90 years of service to Church and world, Liturgical Press is committed to a vibrant multimedia publishing program that brings people to knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ.

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