Maple Syrup

photo_syrup.jpgThe monks of Saint John's Abbey have been producing maple syrup for over 60 years. Since its founding in 1856, the abbey has been guided by the Benedictine principles of stability, hospitality, and stewardship. In 1997, this longstanding principle of stewardship led the monks to designate the lands of Saint John's a natural arboretum. The Saint John's Arboretum encompasses over 2500 acres.

The Arboretum became involved with the harvesting of maple sap and the creation of pure maple syrup during the first Saint John's Maple Syrup Festival in the spring of 2001. The event is filled with fun and educational tours, including the tour of the maple tree stand (called the "sugarbush"), tapping demonstrations, sap collecting, history talks, horse-drawn wagon rides, and maple syrup sundaes.

Visit the Arboretum website for information about volunteering for work in the sugarbush.