"Our life together encourages learning,
 creativity in the arts and trades,
 and care for God's creation."

Spirituality, Stability, Sustainability

Saint John’s Abbey Woodworking is an apostolate of Saint John’s Abbey, a vibrant monastic community of Catholic men established in 1856.  We follow the 1500-year Benedictine tradition of worship and work through daily prayer and service to the Church as teachers, pastors, chaplains, spiritual guides and in other forms of ministry.

The Rule of Saint Benedict envisions a permanent community seeking God and living closely together under an abbot. The monks make common prayer and Eucharist the heart of every day. The love thus generated by preferring nothing whatever to Christ is expressed and shared in generous hospitality and creative accomplishment. As an extension of our sacred work of prayer and study, we are committed to producing high quality, handcrafted furniture.

Our woodworking tradition is based on Benedictine principles of spirituality, stability, and stewardship of the land. Local artisans—both monastic and lay —have been designing and crafting practical, durable, and beautiful furniture and architectural details for our institutions for 150 years.

We utilize timber sustainably harvested from our own forests. The logs are sawn by local Amish saw mills and the lumber returned to our drying yard.  After a slow air drying process that spans several years the lumber is moved to our kiln where controlled heat and humidity season the wood further. This makes for a strong and stable raw product. We also use other commercially available hardwoods from reputable, ecologically minded dealers, if needed.


Do you see woodworking as a vocation?

How about a religious vocation that includes woodworking?

Saint John’s Abbey is looking for men who are interested in exploring the possibility of a Benedictine way of life; a life that involves communal prayer and work.

Saint John’s Abbey Woodworking has been making quality furniture for over 150 years, incorperating the Beneditine spiritual tradition of Work and Prayer in our daily efforts. Contact us today to start your exploration toward serving God in a more fulfilling way.

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