The Laser Studio at Saint John's Abbey Woodworking was made possible through a generous donation by Saint John's University alumni Scott Alexander.

Available Services

The Laser Studio can provide a wide range of laser engraving services. With our stationary, open table laser machine, we can accommodate projects that are too large or awkward for other engravers to handle.

Our most interesting project to date was a moose antler found by a group of hikers during a 26 day, 150 mile hike. We engraved the names of the hikers as well as a tribute to the hike.We have also recently engraved 6' long panels for our campus peace pole.

We are able to engrave a wide variety of materials and pre-made product blanks or you can contact us with your custom order questions.

Some of the many materials we can engrave include:

Wood and wood products

Glass, mirror and a wide variety of plastics

Metal, leather, cork, bone, antler and even some stone products

Abbey Woodworking is also able to make a wide variety of custom wooden gift items and plaques, awards in many shapes and sizes, and even custom engraved signage on wood, plastics and glass.

We can do one-of-a-kind items for that very special occasion or we can fulfill your large order needs:

Corporate or organization promotional items

Christmas gifts or other give away items

Group fundraiser items

Special award ceremony items

Custom made trophies, etc.

If you can imagine it, we would like to help you achieve your goals. 

Art Requirements and Rates

Our laser requires art ready, black and white images. You can send us hard copies or e-mail us with gif or tiff files.

Standard laser engraving rates are:

Design or image modification work: $52.00 per hour

One time setup fee: $25.00 (we will wave the fee for repeat orders)

Per line fee: $15.00 or Per hour fee: $60.00

Large, Group or Custom orders:  Please Contact Us for more details.

Put The Laser Studio at Saint John's Abbey Woodworking to work on your laser engraving needs. If you can imagine it, we would like to help you achieve your goals.