Saint John's Abbey Volunteers


Saint John's Abbey has a volunteer program for friends and neighbors, retirees and students to offer their time and talent at Saint John's Abbey. Volunteers must be over the age of 18.

The volunteer program is meant to be recognized as a source for connecting Saint John's Abbey with the wider community and assist particular Abbey departments and individuals with specific services or tasks. It also provides an opportunity for alumni, former employees and retirees to continue their relationship with the Abbey.

The purpose is to invite lay people to the monastery in the spirit of hospitality so that they may partner their talents with the monks in order to construct a stronger community.

Being a volunteer contributes to the ongoing ministries of Saint John's Abbey. It is also an opportunity to socialize, network and meet new friends. Volunteers are always welcome to join the monks in their daily communal prayer.


For more information about our volunteer opportunities,
availability and scheduling, or opportunities not listed here,
please contact:

Father Roman Paur, OSB
Abbey Volunteers Coordinator