Dear Volunteer,

Klassen_John_2.jpgThank you for your willingness to volunteer at Saint John's Abbey. We are grateful you have chosen to share your time and talents with us. On behalf of the monastic community, welcome.

The Saint John's Abbey Volunteer Program began in 2011 and is gradually growing. The program provides volunteers the opportunity to socialize, network and meet new friends. As volunteers in abbey ministries, you strengthen the efforts of our monastic community to be what Saint Benedict called a "School of the Lord's Service". By complementing one another's skills, volunteers and monks alike will benefit.

As a volunteer, you are part of the extended family of our Benedictine community, and you share in the prayer and good works of 150 vowed religious men of Saint John's Abbey. Volunteers are always welcome to join us at Eucharist or at prayers whenever their schedule permits.

Blessings and peace,

Abbot John Klassen, OSB