Saint John’s Abbey Volunteer Program

Assignment Description

Number of persons needed - 5

Position: Archives Assistant

Department: Abbey Archives

Brief Summary of Assignment: Assist with general archival work, organizing, creating computer files, scanning images, web work, etc.

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours each week or as agreed upon.

Responsibilities: Specific activities to accomplish, task expectations

  • Assist with general organizational work, sorting and de-accessioning files based on clearly defined criteria
  • Organizing photograph collections
  • Work with computer data base and word processing files
  • Assist with research requests as needed

Skills and Qualifications

  • General office and computer experience useful
  • Web experience useful but not required
  • Flexibility and willingness to do a variety of tasks


Team Leader: Br. David Klingeman, OSB

Location, working space, equipment, etc: Abbey Archives

Any questions: contact Eileen Haeg at 363-3304 or email