Saint John’s Abbey Volunteer Program

Assignment Description

Number of persons needed - 1

Position:   Coordinating delivery of “Give Us This Day” gift subscriptions to prison inmates

Department:  Liturgical Press

Brief Summary of Assignment:  Check with the institution that is housing the prisoner for permission to send “Give Us This Day” monthly publication to the individual and how to properly address the subscription.  Donations for subscriptions would be solicited by Liturgical Press.

Time Commitment:   2-4 hours monthly; initial set up would be most time consuming.

Responsibilities:   Contact the prison warden or chaplain’s office to identify proper procedure and address for delivery of this publication to the individual.

Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Can communicate clearly by email, letter or telephone
  • Attentive to detail
  • Willing to develop the proper procedure


Team Leader:   Cathy Donovan, Associate Publisher at Liturgical Press, Phone: 320-363-3655;

Location, working space, equipment, etc:  Could be home-based.  Computer and telephone needed. 

Any questions: contact Eileen Haeg at 363-3304 or email