Saint John’s Abbey Volunteer Program

Assignment Description


Position: Gift Shop Attendant   

Number of persons needed: 6-10           

Department: Abbey Gift Shop

Brief Summary of Assignment: Attending the Abbey Gift Shop, which is open from 10 am to 2 pm Monday through Saturday; from 5:30-7 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and occasionally on Sunday. Hours may be shortened in winter.  Money is deposited in the Abbey Business Office daily.

Time Commitment: 2-4 hour shifts once a week. Can be more or less often as able/willing.


1      Open and close shop

2      Assist customers

3      Process transactions-credit card and make change for cash purchases

4      Re-stock and dust

5      Answer guests’ questions

Skills and Qualifications:    

1      Project a friendly, welcoming presence

2      Excellent communication and people skills

3      Assist with and record purchases

4      Reliable

5      Retail experience useful

6      Ambassador for Saint John’s

Team Leader: Sharon Schmitt

Location, working space, equipment, etc.: The Gift Shop is located in the entryway to the Great Hall.  Desk space and chair provided.  Credit card scanner and cash box on site.

Any questions: contact Eileen Haeg at 363-3304 or