Saint John’s Abbey Volunteer Program

Assignment Description


Position: Guesthouse Receptionist  

Number of persons needed: 2

Department: Abbey Guesthouse

Brief Summary of Assignment: Serve as “front desk” person, checking in guests, assigning keys, directing, answering questions, checking out guests, answering phones, etc.

Time Commitment: 3 hour shift from 9am to 12 pm daily as assigned.


1      Maintain neat reception area

2      Greet guests and direct guests

3      Check-in guests and assign room keys

4      Check-out guests who are leaving

5      Answer the phone

6      Work with the computer reservation system

7      Check temperature controls for the building

8      Prepare daily list of visitors for Life Safety Services

Skills and Qualifications

1      Project a friendly, welcoming presence

2      Excellent communication and people skills

3      Ability to work with a variety of technologies, including a computer

4      Problem solving ability

5      Knowledge of Saint John’s

6      Attentive to detail

7      Reliable


Team Leader: David Klingeman, OSB

Location, working space, equipment, etc.: Abbey Guesthouse reception desk and computer

Any questions: contact Eileen Haeg at 363-3304 or email