Saint John’s Abbey Volunteer Program

Assignment Description


Position: Resident Helper

Number of persons needed: 2

Department: Abbey Retirement Center (St. Raphael Hall)

Brief Summary of Assignment: Assist with special activities for residents of St. Raphael Hall.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours once a week, usually Wednesday afternoon.


1      Assemble supplies needed for the event.

2      Assist residents to the event area.

3      Participate in the activity as needed.

4      Assist residents to rooms after activity.

5      Put supplies away and help clean up.

Skills and Qualifications:

1      Friendly and willing to assist residents.

2      Able to participate in activities.

3      Able to take direction from staff or be self-sufficient in group setting.

4      Physical ability to push wheelchairs.

 Team Leader: Diane Young, R.N.

Location, working space, equipment, etc.: Abbey Retirement Center.  Equipment will vary with activity.

Special Consideration: A background check is required for this assignment.

Any questions: contact Eileen Haeg at 363-3304 or email